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Austin Beauty Health Reversing Lymphedema
Austin Beauty & Health
Austin Beauty & Health
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“I'm pretty sure I had tried everything available to address my post-surgical lymphedema when I came to Kathy. My leg and foot were extremely big and the skin was shiny and itching. Needless to say I was scared for my future. She was able to reduce the size of my leg in one month equivalent to the results of a 15 month effort by a manual lymphatic drainage therapist. As our relationship continued I began to recognize the unique skills of this lady. Today my leg and foot have dramatically improved and continue to improve weekly. I would even say that true healing is within the realm of possibility.”
B. R., Austin, TX

There's been a vast improvement in the post-surgical lymphedema in my left arm. I hated the compression garments and sleeves. They were hot, bulky, uncomfortable and didn't seem to really fix the problem. What Kathy's doing seems to actually be reversing the condition. I gladly make a weekly two hour drive (one way) to see her.

D. C. College Station, TX

I've known Kathy for 35 years and watched her transition into natural health. I can say whole-heartedly that if she's offering it, you want it. This woman researches everything, assimilates knowledge and passes it on in terms you can understand and apply to your daily life.

I'm no longer amazed by the pure excellence of her endeavors, her way of life, and her teachings. It's just who she is. Joan E.

Kathy is an amazingly talented woman. Although she routinely credits her knowledge to sources outside of herself and points to others in amazement this only makes her more charming. She not only steered me towards the information that made dramatic and profound improvements to my health but I undeniably credit her with potentially saving the life of my wife. She smiles contently and continues to point to “Others”. Jim and Carol B. Austin, TX

I was seeing lots of doctors and seemed to be moving up the ladder to more advanced levels of specialization in an effort to find relief for debilitating intestinal cramping. Kathy heard about my issues and having never laid eyes on me knew what was wrong. She met me, explained what had happened, why it happened and gave me the natural remedies. The pain ceased immediately. I can't help but wonder what doctors are NOT learning in school and where this may have ended without her intervention. Patrick M.

Within two hours of my first treatment there was a significant tightening on the left side of my neck that was so pronounced that I thought my dinner companions should be able to see the change taking place. I awoke to discover that my 50-year-old eyelids were smooth and tight. I could hardly believe my eyes. (pardon the pun) 48 hours later I had my second treatment and awoke the next morning to youthfully smooth eyelids that accepted eyeliner like I was drawing on glass.

One week later after no further treatments I was still being thrilled as I watched the skin on my (untreated) chest become radiant and wrinkle free.

We're happy to present to you Beautytek. The natural healthy way to achieve beauty AND health.

Kathy Bates, Pres of Austin Beauty & Health Inc.

Before beginning my series of breast firming treatments I was very self conscious about my body and feeling the need to cover up even in front of my husband! I am very happy to be feeling more confident about my figure now. My husband said a big “thank you” to Beautytek too. TBD Quebec

beautytek testimonial

Even though I was getting regular Botox injections on my face, friends and family still commented that I was looking tired. I wanted another solution and had heard great things about Beautytek. After just a few sessions everyone is telling me how refreshed I look and that my skin is wonderful! TBD Quebec

beautytek testimonial

After my first Beautytek face firming session my husband was in the waiting room and commented that he could not see much difference in my face. But, the next morning he was amazed at the transformation and said “What happened to the neck that I woke up to yesterday morning?” Medicine Hat, Alberta

beautytek testimonial

After I had received just two abdominal treatments people kept asking me how I lost so much weight. I did not lose a single pound, but my body shape changed dramatically. I now have a more defined waist and smaller hips. DG Boucherville, Quebec

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