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Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates

Hi! I'm Kathy Bates. I'm not the Kathy Bates of film and television, but I'm a lot like the character she played in Titanic, the “unsinkable Molly Brown!“ The real Margaret Tobin Brown (Hollywood made her Molly Brown) was a woman who threw herself completely into doing whatever it took to solve a problem. She studied the problem from every angle, then did whatever was necessary, no matter how nontraditional, to make the problem better.

Austin Beauty and Health is essentially in business because of “my story” which required that same unsinkable determination. My first physical challenge came in 1978 when I had a seizure! The doctors incorrectly diagnosed me as being deficient in a physically addicting drug which quickly threatened to further devastate my life by restricting driving privileges at twenty-one years old. God's grace revealed the true cause which turned out to be a dietary issue, something most doctors know very little about.

In 1988, shortly after the birth of our daughter my body seemed to accelerate into dis-ease. I was suffering with severe allergies, extreme PMS and mood swings, infertility, serious and chronic intestinal issues, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), suicidal depression, thyroid disease that I liked to have never gotten diagnosed and then was inadequately treated. I had cervical degenerative disc disease, bursitis and recurrent urinary and respiratory infections.

I was given two weekly injections and a hand full of over-the-counter and prescription medications for daily use with periodic “rounds” of what I would later learn were steroids for the allergies and asthma. I used an inhaler. I was given fertility drugs, anti-inflammatory meds and antibiotics routinely and a dismal prognosis. It appeared that even the doctors knew that they had no answers so they just kept throwing drugs at the mounting problems.

I was told by the doctors that my allergies and asthma were genetic and incurable; my female problems were “unexplainable but normal”; my thyroid problem was due to the unexplainable malfunction of my autoimmune system and was incurable; my degenerative disc disease was incurable and would result in my cervical vertebra being fused by 1991- 1993 (which didn't happen because I changed.)

I had already learned the severe limitations of traditional medical doctors so it didn't take long to know that I needed to look elsewhere. Again, I relied on my belief and developing relationship with God to steer me to the right answers. This belief and reliance changed my entire life view, the way I think and therefore the way I live.

Then in 1994, I broke my spine and eighteen months later suffered a secondary back injury which left me in suicidal levels of pain for most of seven years. Again I was forced to “solve the problem.”

On this path, I've met so many people who have given up and allowed their challenges to severely limit their productivity and even destroy the quality of their lives. This for me was simply not an option. My orthopedic surgeon once told me that he didn't know how or when but he knew I would one day be pain-free... “I've never seen anyone so determined to get well.”

I personally believe that healing is available to us on many varied levels. I also believe that we have to change to access it.

Austin Beauty and Health is wellness-oriented and equipped to bring some serious tools to address the beauty and health goals of our clients. We have other therapies available but have not had time to develop the website to that end at this point. So please call to schedule a consultation if you have questions. We're not here to take your money and smile pleasantly. We're here to help!

We hope to become well known as a serious resource for education and support. A venue for speakers along with recipe swaps and natural health knowledge can be a determining factor for the success of those seeking to implement lifestyle changes.

You have NEVER tried everything!

That would presume that we already know everything!

Keep Learning! Keep Trying!