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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the difference between the PowerSkin and the BeautyTek?

Answer: There is no difference in the equipment. The name change was due to a similar business with a similar name already in use in the US market. There can however, be a tremendous difference in the results seen between practitioners. One practitioner has a 75% failure rate and two other locations are inactive which I can only assume is for similar reasons.

This is NOT a magic wand and therefore the skills and knowledge of the practitioner to properly identify the right candidates as good responders is essential as well as knowing what to do to remedy this and to enhance their results. It's nice to know my suffering wasn't in vain. If you haven't read the story of “my education” please go to the Meet The Staff page for more information.

Question: Do you guarantee the results?

Answer: Due to the fact that this therapy is dependent on the client's compliance to hydration requirements it would be unfair to ask that of a practitioner. There are many factors that facilitate dehydration in the American lifestyle. My personal experience is that people aren't really substantially aware of these issues, aren't honest with themselves in some cases (regarding alcohol consumption for instance) and have found that they will easily lie to me.

I will assure you that it's important to me that clients leave these treatments happy with their results. I closely monitor what kind of results they're getting and if things aren't progressing as I think they should we will either stop the treatments and go into problem resolution mode or stop them altogether and refund the remainder of your money. It's of absolutely no benefit to the reputation of my business if you aren't happy with your results or how you were treated.

We're having tremendous results and most of our clients are buying several consecutive series for other areas of their body.

How Soon Will I See Results?

While results vary between individuals in most cases the results can be seen immediately after the treatment and more notable results seen 12 to 24 hours later. Even a week after a treatment it isn't unusual to see continued improvements.

How Long Do The Results Last?

At Austin Beauty & Health we're interested in helping our clients obtain optimum beauty and health and believe that the knowledge and resources we employ can assure your long term satisfaction.

Statistically speaking the answer is that in terms of fat reduction, the effects are as permanent as any method of reducing fat, including surgery. Provided a sensible eating and exercise plan is followed, the treatment effects are permanent. In terms of breast lifting, studies have shown the effects of a course of treatments without any maintenance sessions can last between three months to a year. However, if a maintenance treatment is undertaken every three to four months results can be more permanent.

In most cases, the results are long-lasting. But it is also the individual way of living, which influences the general physical condition. So, every effect depends on the ability of the body to keep the activated tissue balanced.

How many treatments will I need?

The treatments are sold as a series of 12 treatments. While desired results may be seen early in the treatment series the long lasting effects are assured by completion of the 12 treatments in a single body area.

It isn't unusual to see changes and improvements in other areas of the body and not necessarily limited to adjacent areas. For instance, treatments on the abdomen commonly yield results in the face and vice versa. Treatments on the abdomen typically show up in the back as well.

How often do I need treatments?

Treatments may be taken no more often than every 48 hours. For optimal results we recommend two to three treatments a week.

Can I have more than one area treated at a time?

During your initial 12 treatments, you can only have one area treated at a time otherwise the energy is dispersed and not concentrated where required. However, when you start your maintenance program you can do two areas at the same time.

Do I need any maintenance treatments?

Once the desired result has been achieved, we recommend that maintenance treatments are undertaken every three to four months to ensure permanence.

What can I expect during a treatment?

You will attend an initial consultation, during which your therapist will examine the area you wish to have treated to determine the most effective treatment plan for you. Your therapist will discuss with you what to expect during your first treatment and go through the treatment schedule. Before you have your first treatment, the therapist will take a series of digital photographs of the area being treated. You will then be asked to lie on a treatment table and given a conductor to hold. The therapist will then wash the treatment area to remove any body creams that could affect the treatment. A specially formulated electrolyte gel will be applied to the treated area and the Beautytek machine will guide the therapist through the treatment using images and instructions displayed on the monitor. The computer calculates when each treatment step is completed and automatically moves to the next step. The therapist will take a second set of digital photographs after your first treatment and then after every sixth treatment. You will be able to see any changes throughout your course as the comparative photographs are displayed side by side on the Beautytek screen.

How long does a session last?

This depends on what area of the body is being treated. This information is typically covered in your initial consult as your therapist determines your optimum treatment plan.

Are there any side effects?

The most significant benefit of Beautytek is that it achieves dramatic results comparable with invasive surgery but without the associated risks and side effects. Treatments are conducted on the skin so no uncomfortable recovery period is required and no side effects have been reported. During and after treatment you may feel the urge to eliminate frequently. This is perfectly normal and indicates that the treatment is having a desired effect.

Will I feel any pain or discomfort?

No. Treatments are pleasant to undergo and completely painless. Some clients feel a slight tingling sensation at particular points in their treatment as the current passes through the wand. Beautytek treatment will feel as though you have had a light massage and many clients have reported feelings of increased well-being and energy after their session.

Do I need to diet/exercise?

Beautytek is effective without the need for strict diets or exercise plans. However, we do recommend that clients increase their intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce the level of saturated fats in their diet and try to get 30 minutes of exercise a day. We ask all our clients to drink at least two liters of water a day, to keep the body properly hydrated and help the client get the best result possible from their treatment.

Under what circumstances would I not be able to have the treatment?

There are a few medical and physical conditions where treatments will not be administered. Pregnant and breast feeding women, clients wearing a pacemaker, suffering from epilepsy or cancer will not be treated. Clients with large metal implants such as artificial hips cannot be treated in the area of the prosthesis, but it does not negate treatment of other areas.

If you're feeling unwell, the energy levels in your body will be low, so you may not get the most out of your treatment. Menstruation can also lower your body's responsiveness so scheduling should allow for this event.

The staff at Austin Beauty & Health will advise you on health issues that may make your treatments more successful.

Can I still have Beautytek treatments with breast implants?

Yes. Beautytek is very beneficial to clients who have breast implants that have lost their shape.

Is it safe?

All relevant parameters are automatically adjusted by the instrument avoiding operator judgment error and having the client receive an over or under dosage. The treatment is entirely non-invasive and painless, even pleasant and relaxing for the client.

The intuitive software guides the therapist through each treatment sequence step by step. A variety of hand-held probes are available, suitable for different applications and body areas. The Beautytek treatment is highly effective for:

  • Tissue tightening
  • Fat reduction and body shaping
  • Cellulite
  • Acne, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks
  • Conditions after pregnancy and pre and post plastic surgery.

Developed by an Italian/American team of scientists the Beautytek system has been successfully introduced in several countries including Germany and most other European countries, Canada and now the USA.

At the time of this writing there are ONLY five treatment sites in the USA. Austin Beauty and Health is pleased to be among the pioneers in recognizing the value and unique abilities of this therapy that is so consistent with our philosophies for wellness and beauty.

Are there upper and lower age limits for receiving Beautytek treatments?

There are no physiological or biological age limits for receiving the treatment. In terms of health and well being, starting treatment in late teens to early twenties can have a beneficial effect on the body and delay the onset of the signs of aging, e.g. fine lines and wrinkles.

Other factors that may affect the treatment efficacy will be addressed on an individual basis and discussed with you at the initial consultation.

How long would the effects of say a breast lift last, after the 12th treatment, if the patient never returns for quarterly booster sessions?

The lasting effects of the treatment depend entirely on the biological age of the client. Clients with younger biological ages will see a longer lasting effect than those with older biological ages. In terms of breast lift, current experience has shown that the effects can last between three months to one year without any maintenance treatments.

What about a fat reduction?

Provided the client takes steps to maintain his or her reduction, there is no limit to how long the results of the treatment will last. Naturally a client returning to the old bad eating habits, they will return to his or her original size more quickly.

Can exercise alone help to maintain a new body shape once a course is completed?

For fat reduction, yes-it is recommended that the client undertake regular exercise. For a breast lift exercise can help to tone the pectoral muscle but the fatty tissue and skin forming the breast cannot be exercised.

Would there be a benefit to using the home-kits at home after the course of 12 treatments has been completed?

YES. The continuation of home treatment will reinforce attained results, maintain and tighten tissue structure, improve definition, invigorate and further detoxify the skin.

How much does it cost?

A series of 12 treatments is about half the cost of a comparative surgical treatment. Please call us for final pricing without the scars, risks, recovery, pain and routine drug therapy.