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Austin Beauty Health Reversing Lymphedema
Austin Beauty & Health
Austin Beauty & Health
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About Austin Beauty & Health Inc.

At Austin Beauty & Health we truly believe that if you make the body healthy on the inside the results will show on the outside. Beautytek proves this to be true and offers the necessary components of assisting the body in making this transition into glowing beautiful health.

However, it's also true that if you aren't healthy the Beautytek may give you limited or slow results. You will be evaluated and informed as to whether you're a good candidate or if there are other health issues that must be dealt with before proceeding with Beautytek. Fortunately for our clients we have the skills and knowledge that when implemented can make your dreams of beauty and health come true.

Austin Beauty and Health only provides products and services that are holistic in nature.

What do we mean by a holistic?

Just as the word “holistic” is derived from “whole”, a holistic approach to health differs from the conventional medical approach in that it takes into account the health of the whole patient rather than focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem. The holistic approach recognizes the wisdom and healing power not of the therapist or practitioner but of the human body and incorporates methods and products that work within the framework of how the body functions and repairs. Beautytek honors the body rather than utilizing invasive and forceful attempts to MAKE the body do a particular action. Simply stated it gives the body what it needs to do a job that it does VERY effectively; healing. As previously stated, if you make the body well from the inside the benefits will show on the outside.

What are the benefits of this type of approach?

The body has a vital force or life energy, referred to by the Chinese as “chi”. Many people believe it is this energy that is linked directly to our immune system. When our energy is stable and balanced, the body is working correctly and we have an overall sense of well-being and are protected from illness and disease. In contrast, when our energy becomes disturbed or imbalanced, our health suffers and we become susceptible to illness. Not disturbing or creating imbalance is paramount.

Our Philosophy

We believe there are unrecognized risks when you:

  • inject the body with foreign substances such as Botox (and fillers) commonly in use today;
  • introduce foreign energy like radio frequency used in Thermage and many others;
  • suck, pull, push or otherwise FORCE the tissue or systems
  • peel as in chemical peels
  • cut with all the risks of anesthesia and requirements for antibiotic therapy

First and foremost these methods register as extreme stress. This can keep the immune system busy dealing with voluntary injury and therefore unavailable to respond to pathogens creating an opportunity for the advancement of illness or disease. It's never a good idea to overwhelm the immune system.

Second, the human body is comprised of many delicate systems that are virtually unknown by the consumer much less understood. For instance, if you paralyze a nerve between the eyebrows it would seem highly plausible that this would adversely affect the functioning of the cranial sacral rhythm. The nerves in the head have everything to do with how the skull expands and contracts in response to this cranial rhythm. Even when the system hasn't been intentionally disrupted and is merely “out of sync” it can produce some pretty extreme symptoms that would stump even the best medically-trained mind.

Furthermore, the use of radio frequency is an energy that's foreign to the human body. This could easily be considered equivalent to microwaving the tissue between the dermis and epidermis in an effort to produce collagen growth. There are vast numbers of people complaining online of no results and permanent injury and pain due to this technique.

Finally, sucking and pulling can create restrictions in the myofascial system that can have dramatic and adverse affects in the structure and posture creating an untold number of health problems.

Chemical peels, well let's just say that any chemical that peels the skin off of my face is not something I would consider safe much less healthy. It would seem highly likely that there would be residues of this chemical that leach into the body with untold effects.

Anesthesia is not without risks although there seems to be safer versions these days but the antibiotics required after surgery preclude surgery as a healthy option. They should be reserved for life-saving efforts only as they create severe disruptions in our intestinal system to say the least.

In summary, the more you know about the human body the more you recognize the insanity of some common practices being routinely offered to the public. Beauty is a business! Contrary to the pretty advertisements there are many questionable practices in place that take advantage of the consumer's lack of knowledge and leave the practitioners guilty of “selling”. Beauty is NEVER worth risking your health.

The staff at Austin Beauty and Health is comprised of licensed massage therapists for a reason. The entire basis of that training not only leads us to deeply respect and honor the human body but draws a particular quality of person. We don't sell, we serve.

Our products and services work with the body as a whole, not only to relieve immediate symptoms, but to increase health and provide an overall feeling of energy and wellness throughout the body.

What you do not understand, you will not value.

What you do not value, you will destroy.

Health is Wealth