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Austin Beauty and Health is the leader in non-surgical body contouring in Austin, Texas bringing the latest in European technology to our clients.

This new technology is natural, non-surgical, drug free, relaxing and induces a dramatic reduction of cellulite, fat and facial wrinkles as well as lifting of the face and breasts without bruising, discomfort, side effects or recovery time. The results begin immediately and are long lasting. Take a few moments to view the slide show and browse our website and feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We look forward to sharing the excitement of this advanced technology with you.

Austin Beauty & Health


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The theory of beautytek is simple; make the body well from the inside and the benefits will show on the outside.

Beautytek is a revolutionary, highly effective therapeutic system. The system is a natural and holistic alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery with none of the associated risks or side effects and results that rival and in many ways even surpass cosmetic surgery.

What are the benefits of this type of approach?

The body has a vital force or life energy, referred to by the Chinese as “Chi”. Many people believe it is this energy that is linked directly to our immune system. When our energy is stable and balanced, the body is working correctly and we have an overall sense of well-being and are protected from illness and disease. In contrast, when our energy becomes disturbed or imbalanced, our health suffers and we become susceptible to illness. Over time, if not corrected this state of imbalance is reflected in our physical appearance.

What does Beautytek do and how does it do it?

Beautytek introduces a computer-based system to the cosmetic world for the first time, filling the gap between medical technology and aesthetics application. The system consists of a sensor module linked to a computer operated under MS Windows. It works by delivering a very low frequency electrical impulse into the body which is lower than is produced by the human heart. As the stimulus is transferred to each specific area with the use of a variety of hand-held wands, the beautytek computer monitors the body’s reaction so that the treatment is constantly adjusted to achieve energetic equilibrium, precisely calibrated for each individual at that point in time.

Energy of varying extremely low frequencies and wave forms is applied to the body through a conductive hand-held wand. A signal is returned from the body and analyzed by the beautytek computer, which selects the appropriate wave form and frequency for the therapeutic current entering the treated area.

The computer compares the therapeutic signal with the signal being returned from the body tissue. This signal carries information about the cell chemistry of each cell in the treated area. The computer analyses this information to determine the quantitative discrepancy between the two signals, adapts the wave form and frequency of the therapeutic current and passes it back to the body tissue via the hand-held wand. This happens continuously throughout treatment and is called a “bio-cybernetic circuit” occurring 900 times a second.

Beautytek offers true artificial intelligence which refers to the ability of an object (i.e., computer) to perform the same kind of functions that characterize human thought along with contemporary computer technology and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, achieving excellent and long lasting therapy results that are preprogrammed by this novel method.

What happens to the area treated with the beautytek?

The energy transmitted into the tissue acts as a stimulus for a variety of body functions:

1. Blood circulation and lymphatic flow are increased. They have been documented to increase five fold with this technology to promote optimal healing and regeneration of cells and tissue.

2. The body’s energy levels are increased.

3. The ion grid is re-established (ions are electrically charged particles responsible for a variety of chemical and electrical reactions in the body).

4. There’s an increase in the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which triggers the body’s natural bio-chemical healing process.

5. Stimulation of intracellular calcium further strengthens cellular balance and healing.

6. Amino acid uptake is increased as well as protein synthesis, which assists in tissue repair.

7. Water and toxins stored in the cells are redistributed to the lymphatic pathways, which are stimulated to “flush” the waste products from the body.

8. The water balance is readjusted and regulated.

9. Fatty tissue is dehydrated.

10. Fatty clusters are decomposed.

11. Blood vessels are opened to increase blood flow (perfusion), oxygen levels in the blood and nutrients delivered to the tissue.

12. Active ingredients in the electrolyte gel are selectively absorbed into the tissue as required.

The Changing Cosmetic Market

In the rapidly changing market of the aesthetics industry you will soon be hearing of many new cosmetic methods. Be assured, Beautytek is the Rolls Royce of the industry.